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How To Install a Propane Fire Pit

These are our long awaited Propane Burners manufactured to be used with Aquatic Glassel/fireglass. We are the only company in the world offering custom made propane burners that safely burn Aquatic Glassel /  fireglass.  There are a lot of aspects of working with Propane please Click Here to Find out More.

NOTE* We do not currently Sell Propane Burner kits online. Please call us for a consultation as their are a lot of safety issues that must be dealt with before we can sell you a propape burner. 

Here are 2 photos of the propane control box with the air mixer. Propane gas must be mixed with air  to insure a clean burn without soot! If you burn straight propane you will experience black smoke/ soot on anything you place in your fire pit / fireplace

Outdoor propane burner for fireglass fp 2

These are our FPPK models (fire pit propane kit) This is a 24" ring on a 30" base. The base is detached for remote locating.You can also see the thermo-coupler and electronic starter. The thermocouple is the safety switch which if the fire is blown out and leaving the thermocouple cold will shut your system off for safety reasons.

Round Pan Burner

fp 6 outdoor fire pit propane kit

Other sizes include:

  • 18" pan with a 12" burner
  • 24" pan with a 18" burner
  • 30" pan with a 24" burner

We are taking order for the burners as they are being built as ordered. Manufacturing time varies on our work load, however 2-4 weeks is to be expected.

custom fireplace burners fp 5


Regarding UL CSA Listing

Our products Do Not require any certification from the AGA, CSA or UL as it is considered a stand-alone product.  And  by the way  these agencies are franchise operations and are privately owned.  These are not government agencies.   These agencies are hired for mass production testing and AGA, CSA and or UL do not certify custom one of a kind projects.  So unless sand and or lava rock need certification - We Do Not certification!

Custom burners Do Not need certification.  This only applies to production equipment. Just so you can understand that a certification costs about $15,000.00 and certification was developed for production/ mass production to assure quality.

Any parts that would normally need AGA or UL do in fact have these approvals. Parts with function need and should have some sort of approval. The pan burners we sell that do have UL, CSA and or any other listings are produced by other companies. The custom pan burners that we produce are just that, custom.

We would never use any “Third World Country”  or any unlisted, untested parts to build any products and or parts to endanger any product performance what so ever.  So therefore we do not require UL, CSA and or any other agency listings as these are custom. The parts that we use to build these pans are UL, CSA listed as they should be.


 Propane Pan  Burner

The pan burner below is for a 2 sided fireplace and this pan is 25" x 45" and controlled from only one side. It is constructed from 16 gauge brushed stainless steel with 3" x 3" x 3" corner legs.  The picture in the middle shows the thermocouple and safety pilot light kit which are UL and CSA approved. 

We are manufacturing these to order, give us a call 909 989-6129.

custom outdoor propane pan burner Propane Pan brushed stainless steel outdoor fire pit
laura 8 custom fire pit table laura 6

Installation of a Propane Pan

These fireplace photos were sent to us by a customer in Palm Desert, CA. We will show you step by step on how to install a clean burning propane pan burner, no really. 

First clear out your fireplace and paint with stove paint if desired.

Propane Pan Fireplace install Propane Pan Fireplace install

Hook up the flex line and check for any leaks before going any further

converting fireplace to propane pan burner Robert Martinek

Lava will be provided with your pan.  Fill only inside the pan area.  Light again and check your flame pattern.

Propane Pan Fireplace install Propane Pan Fireplace install

On this application pea-graval was used to fill the backside of the fireplace.  Make sure to keep your gravel/lava a couple of inches back away from the front.

Robert Martinek Robert Martinek

This particular propane pan burner used Sky Blue base glass.

Propane Pan Fireplace install Robert Martinek

Now install your patented fireglass over your pan and everywhere else.  Make sure your pilot is still above the surface of the glass or it will not work properly.  Controls must also be exposed to operate.

Robert Martinek


A Propane Burner With a Brushed Finish

The propane pan below has a brushed finish on the front metal shield. This is a two part shield, one to retain the fireglass and second to conceal the controls.

custom indoor propane pan with brushed finish Propane Pan 3

The picture below shows the complete front dropped down to access the controls.

Aquatic Glassel Propane Burner pan

Propane Pan 8

This type of propane burner can modified for outdoor (rectangle) fire pits.

Propane Burner Issues

I have seen this scenario all too often, the supplier only cares about making the sale.  They don't ask what your doing,or how you're doing it, or even if your using propane or natural gas!!!  Which if you haven't already figured out can have disastrous consequences.   And sometimes you painfully discover that there is no customer support after the sale.

We are the only manufacturer building clean burning propane burners that can be used safely with aquatic glassel/fireglass.  We are involved with your propane project from beginning to end and more importantly are available after the fact!



An Ordinary Outdoor Fire Table - Converted to  a Fireglass Table With Propane

This was a basic wood burning fire pit purchased locally and converted with our fire pit propane kit (FPPK).  So often we receive phone calls with customers who believe that they have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to fire tables.   But the truth is, we often simply modify exsisting outdoor tabels so that our propane units work in various formats.

convert wood burning firepit to fire pit propane kit

The fire pit below has a 1/4" Clear, 1/2" Clear Base with Red Orange Topping, Emerald Green Topping and Light Sky Blue Topping.

fire glass design for outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Propane Fire Table With Tile Top

The fire table wasn't configured correctly which is always obvious by signs of sooting (carbon monoxide - the black stuff on the glass.)

We are the only company manufacturing propane burners that are properly configured with the appropriate safety valves and air mixers to insure a clean and safe burn.  If built correctly, you can safely and cleanly burn aquatic glassel / fireglass.

outdoor propane fire table with tile top

If you purchased a propane fire table from someone else, other than us, you will have problems. So contact us today to receive the correct and safe type of propane burner to assure a clean burn.   The Aquatic Glassel used in this fire table was Starfire and Pale Cobalt Blue Topper.

outdoor fire pit furniture

Round Pan Burner

Below is a 36" aluminum pan burner for propane with a 3" outside lip. These can be made to fit any fire pit, fire table of fire fit for natural gas or propane. We can build anything! This pan has a thermo-coupler for safety and air mixer built in to eliminate soot.  Contact us with your questions 909 989-6129.

aluminum pan for propane burner fire pit 1 fire pit 2

Here is an example of a 30" base with a double 24" FPPK (fire pit propane kit) stainless steel burner. You will notice the igniter and thermo coupler (heat switch for safety). The base plate is to prevent propane from leaking into the fire pit below.

bm 3 fire pit stainless steel burner bm 2

A Restaurant Propane Fire Pit Converted to Work with Fireglass

This fireplace is in Shawano, Wisconsin at the Cotton Patch Restaurant. E mail Patti and tell here you saw her fireplace.  Here are a few before shots of the fireplace before the conversion began.

patti 2 convert commercial restaurant fireplace patti 3

This was a custom propane burner which was designed to cleanly burn under the glass!  The fireplace has Bronze, Bronze Reflective, Ice, Gold and Yellow Amber Topper.

 commercial restaurant fireplace converted to fireglass patti 4

And here is what Patti had to say:

Hi Ed,

Well, it's been about two weeks since I installed the new fireplace, and it is the talk of this sleepy little town. Because of the "Ice" on the top, it has been nicknamed the "Fire and Ice" fireplace. I just placed an order for a pound each of 1/4" Gold, Yellow Amber Topper and Clear Ice. I think it needs a smidgen more color, and since the Ice is the big feature, I decided to add a little more. I have to say, I didn't think I would like the ice, but it looks amazing!

Thank you Ed and Jimmy for all of your help and hand holding over the past few months. I will take more pictures when I add the new products.
Thanks again,


Custom Center-Less Burner Ring

These are our round burner rings without a center hub.  These unique center-less rings are available in either steel or stainless steel.

centerless burner ring 10 inch 3 custom center-less fire pit burner ring


Brushed Aluminum Propane Pan

The pan below is a brushed aluminum pan with sculpted legs. This propane pan is now offered with an adapter on the back-side for remote control use (battery operated).

indoor aluminum pan propane burner Aluminum Propane burner pan for fireplace
alum 4 indoor aluminum pan propane burner alum 5

Here is the same pan, being tested.

burning custom aluminum propane burner alum 7 alum 8

Now we add the fireglass a Multi Mix for the photo shoot only. The pan is 2" with 3" legs. This pan was custom made for our client in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

aluminum pan for contemporary fireplace alum 14 alum 11
alum 12 aluminum pan for contemporary fireplace alum 13



Custom Install of a Propane Pan in a Copper Bowl

Our client Crista here in California bought this copper bowl with a lid and we installed a propane burner inside.  We used one of our FPPK kits (fire pit propane kit). 

crista 6 outdoor custom firebowl with propane burner
crista 3 crista 2

Here is the Bowl with the FPPK installed on top of the table Crista built to hold the copper pan/ bowl.

crista 1 cb 1 outdoor custom firebowl with propane burner


Ventless Fireplace #1 - Natural Gas

The ventless burner below was sent to our customer in Georgia. The glass that we tested it with was Multi Mix a combination of various fireglass.   This type of burner can also be used with Natural Gas. Notice the stainless box tray underneath the upper pan.

indoor fireplace with ventless burner indoor ventless fireplace
tj 10
tj 7
tj 4 tj 3 tj 2
contemporary indoor ventless fire pit tj 15

Ventless burner with fireglass
tj 16

tj 17
tj 12


Ventless Fireplace #2 - Propane

The ventless burner below is made of steel and there were actually 4 of these made. We covered the front and sides with 5" skirts. These pictures were taken just after the testing. This is a propane ventless burner and these are available in natural gas as well.

indoor propane ventless burner vent less 2 propane ventless burner for fire pit
vent less 6
indoor ventless propane burner

The pictures below are of the same burner as above with Azurlite installed. These 4 ventless burners are being installed in Georgia. If you dream it, design it, think of it, we can build it as we are the innovators in the industry.

indoor ventless propane burner with fire glass v 6
v 7 indoor ventless propane burner with fireplace glass v 12

Ventless Fireplace #3 - Propane

The propane ventless burner below was designed in a stainless steel pan. 

custom ventless fire ring vent less 3
vent less 8 custom ventless fire ring vent less 7

You'll notice where the sensor is in order to work.  The Stainless steel pan was filled with Gold fireglass for the test burn.

ventless fire pit burner sensor vent less 19
vent less 9 ventless fireplace vent less 12
contemporary indoor ventless fire pit vent less 18
vent less 14 indoor ventless fireplace with fire glass vent less 22

Ventless Fireplace #3 - Propane

The pictures below are of a steel propane ventless burner. We used the original burner and installed an air mixer under the pan to insure a clean burn. As you will see the thermo-coupler, pilot light and ODS (oxygen depletion sensor are intact). These pans can be made in any shape or material.

propane ventless burner vp 9

What ever burner you purchase with or without remote control, we can convert it for you. Propane or natural gas, vented, direct vent or ventless as shown.

vp 5 ventless propane fire burner for fire pit

The skirts will hide the the valves and the remote control will be moved to the side of the fireplace. This was a ventless burner the customer sent to us for conversion and they asked for us to add a remote to all 4 vent less burners.

vp 1 vp 6

The Roxbury Hotel

The fire pit table is at the Roxbury Hotel and we will show you the process from beginning to end.  We start with the framing and making sure we undersand how the gas line comes in and out out of the floor.

custom commercial outdoor firepit roxbury 5 roxbury 6

This was a propane installation with our FPPK burner. The colors used were: 1/4" Starfire, 1/2" Starfire, Gold, Lime Green Topper, Pale Olive Green Topper, Olive Green Topper, a little bit of wood and tile and here you go!

roxbury 8 outdoor custom commercial fireplace
roxbury 1 custom hotel fire pit roxbury 2

Roxbury Hotel, a cool fire pit!

custom built commercial propane fire pit

Flat Pan Propane Burner

The flat pan below has a propane burner installed for a fire pit. These can be customized to various sizes, shapes or burn pattern. The one shown below is an electronic ignition control and these can be adapted with manual ignition as well. This was build for a designer in New York and actaully placed on a shelf of the fireplace.

flat pan for propane burner fpp 2
flat pan propane burner flat pan with propane burner ventless propane burner
flat pan with propane burner for fire pit

Stainless Steel / Propane Pan

The pan burner below was built to be used outdoors that's why its stainless stell.  We've installed an electronic ignition under the pan. These can also be made for natural gas.

stainless steel propane pan stainless steel pan 2 stainless steel pan 1

Fireglass With An Unconverted Propane Burner

The fire pit below is a failed attempt to burn fireglass with a regular propane burner.  Remember you can't burn propane with fireglass without modification!  If you try this, this is what it will look like.

converting fireplace to propane burner sooting burned fireglass from propane firepit stan 8

You need to calibrate the burner or it will back fire, burn black or explode!  We won't tell you who tried this but we will tell you we did fix the issue and now the customer is very happy. We did use Azurlite with Azurlite Reflective.

propane sooting on fireglass stan 13
stan 3 propane fireplace gone wrong stan 1


A Propane Fire Pit - Done Right!

The pictures below will show you how to install a propane burner and valve in your fire pit without drilling a hole in the side of your fire pit with our FPPK (fire pit propane kit).

DIY propane fire pit fppk 2

This was install in Calabasas California with Bronze and Bronze Reflective on top. The fire pit has 10" solid sides which made this a good candidate for the FPPK to be installed on the inside wall.

fppk 3 Outdoor propane firepit with propane burner fppk 6

This propane fire pit was calibrated so that every valve and ring we installed would eliminate back flow and any problems that may happen. We also installed the proper type of air mixer to insure a clean burn; eliminating the soot produced by propane. If you have a propane fire pit you know what I am talking about.

do it yourself fire pit propane kit fppk 8 fppk 7


Single Burner Pipe - Propane Pan Burner

The propane burner below was made to inset flush to the floor with a remote control underneath the pan. The pan sat 5" below the surface so the glass would appear to be just above the surface. The outer ring was bolted down to keep the glass from falling underneath the burner in the event you ever had to service the burner or remote control. The tower you see is actually for the air mixer to draft fresh air to the propane before it burns.

remote control propane burner ventless 3

As you can see we drilled it to look like a ribbon burner.

remote control ventless propane burner ventless 7
ventless 6 single burner pipe

Ribbon (Single Pipe) Propane Burner

The burner below is a propane ribbon burner with all stainless steel construction.  A ribbon burner produces a linear flame, this can accomdate different design expectations.

ribbon propane burner pipe propane ribbon burner
Popane burner for fireglass Propane Ribbon 6

The pan and all around was filled with glass hiding/ concealing all of the workings. A ribbon burner will mold all of the flames together making it look like a ribbon of fire.

propane burner and custom pan

Our FPPK Kit In A Outdoor Pit

The fire pit below is in San Francisco California. They use  one of out FPPK units. Here you can see the simple construction.  A local artist made the glass inlay top. Very cool!

outdoor fire pit propane kit moxie fire pit 2
moxie fire pit 3 backyard propane fire pit

We supplied the FPPK and the Clear glass

moxie fire pit 5



Another Outdoor Firepit With an FPPK

The fire pit below was built by Scott Spector in Florida. He started with a 30" FPPK which includes a 30" base plate and a double 24" stainless steel ring.



The propane line was run/ installed under the pavers.

propane fire pit installation SCOTT SPECTOR 9
SCOTT SPECTOR 12 propane fire pit burner SCOTT SPECTOR 6

The colors that were used are, 1/2" Clear base, Black Magic in the center, Clear Diamonds, Cobalt Blue Topper, Clear TopperCobalt Blue Light Topper.  Our FPPK 30". That is our 30" propane burner. You can see the actual burner above burning before shipment and installation.

Propane Firepit with toppers and fireglass



Ventless Propane Fireplace with Electronic Ignition

The fireplace below belongs to Ross Barnett in Florida. This was a ventless propane installation. Ross built a front wave design and we built a special wedge pan with the controls underneath. This is a remote control ventless burner.  Below on the right you can see the WAVE shape base before the ventless burner was installed.

ventless propane fireplace ross 5 ross 9
ross 8 indoor ventless propane fireplacewith fire place gass ross 7

The Aquatic Glassel used in this fireplace was: Black and Black Reflective, Gray and Gray Reflective, Aquamarine Topper, Aquamarine Light Topper, Periwinkle, Cobalt Blue Topper, Pale Cobalt Blue Topper and here are the finished pictures.

Electronic remote propane fireplace Electronic remote propane fireplace

What makes us different from anyone else is that we allow you to exercise your imagination. If you can dream it, we can build it.  You see what Ross has done and we can work with you in the same way to help your unique design ideas come true.  Thanks Ross, Great Job!

A Mining Cart Converted To An Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

The fire pit below belongs to Mike DeVito in Northern California. When I saw his sketches I got very excited to help him create something so unique and wonderful.  He took this old mining cart and converted it to a propane burning fire pit!  We used a FPPK (fire pit propane kit) with valves, thermo coupler, pilot light and air mixer. 

custom backyard fire pit mike 25 mike 23

The pit received its gas supply from this 20 lb propane tank.  Here is the mining cart with the base plate installed with the burners.  Here you see the controls, air mixer and thermo coupler and pilot light lines under the base plate.

mike 2 custom propane backyard fire pit mike 4

You can see that the first base layer used was large 3/4", 1" lava.   But we then poured a 1/4" crushed lava to keep the glass from sinking into the larger lava.  Mike decided to use Starfire for his base fireglass.

mike 5 mike 6 custom propane backyard fire pit

He then finished it off with several coloful toppers, Yellow Amber Topper, Steel Blue Topper
Turquoise, Green Tubes, Copper Ruby Red, Ice Ice Ice, and of course some of our popular Diamonds in Clear, Pink.

mike 8
mining car propane fire pit

Have your spouse light it in case something should go wrong! (Just Kidding)
mike 10



A Large Two-Sided Propane Fireplace With Electronic Ingnition

The fireplace below was installed with a dual battery operated 100,000 BTU propane electronic ignition system. Each capable of 100,000 BTU's of fire. The first pictures show what we had to work with and how it progressed.

two-sided indoor fire place conversion ted 4 ted 7

Burning wood and fake logs is just dirty! True story! As you can see the soot that comes out of the fireplace leaves your house smelling like fresh carbon monoxide - YUCK!

ted 5 ted 6

Here are a few pictures of the fireplace exterior being rebuilt .  The customer added some lime stone and a few more pieces of copper.

convert fireplace to propane burner ted 10 ted 9

Below you can see the sand bed and the ignition box we built.  The two vents we installed for the air mixers are inside the electronic ignition systems.

ted 14 ted 12
ted 11 ted 13

The glass that was used was Starfire, Gold and Ice Ice Ice.   And here we have the finished product. Now isn't that much better !?  Modernizing old rustic fireplaces can bring new life and style to your living areas -  I guess that's why we are Moderustic!

double-sided indoor propane fireplace ted 2



A Super Bowl Fire Pit (Propane Converted o Propane)

The following Propane Burner was designed for our customer Richard King of South Carolina.  He was throwing a super bowl party in his gazebo and he wanted to convert his existing propane fire pit to one that could burn without sooting while still using propane.  So of course he came to us to make sure he'd get a clean burn.

Below is what was sent to us to convert. As you can see the flames were rather small and had no air mixer whatsoever - so there was a lot of soot and black smoke!  The reason is once you start to turn up the fire, the soot starts to show. So often you will be told not to turn up the flames.  Which makes us say - Whats the Point Than!

no soot backyard fire pit centerless burner ring Richard King 11

Now we step in.  We calibrate the air mixer to the ring, valve system, pilot light and thermo coupler.   And as you can see the flame goes from low, medium and then to turbo high without sooting!  Allowing you to burn cleanly while using a propane gas.

Richard King 13 custom centerless burner ring Richard King 14

And here is Richard's hand built gazebo, which turned out beautifully!

Richard King 3

Richard King 2

Here is the fire pit turned up so you can see that we installed one of our FPPK (fire pit propane kit) The tank was under the deck.  Richard may of had a few flex lines that were a bit too long. though.

outdoor custom fire pit installation Richard King 7 Richard King 6

The controls were adapted to his old controls.

Richard King 5 Richard King 8 Richard King 9

Thanks for the pictures Richard, looks like the 2009 Super Bowl Party was a big success!

Richard King 16

Yes, we can convert anything!


A Fire Pit Built & Installed By Kevin Smith

This is a simple but clever idea for utilizing an untraditional area for an outdoor propane fire pit.   We used a stainless steel pipe, which we always recommend for outdoor use.   You can see the cinder block hollowed out. You don't need a pan, the block is the pan!  Below you see the stainless steel burners on a bed of crushed pea gravel.  -The burners were calibrated to the Copreci Valve to insure a clean burn.

Be warned there are so many companies out there who sell propane without addressing the issue of using fireglass and they will leave you holding the bag. Too many times we see this situation and the customer is told they need a pan, why? Ohhhh, because the dealer needs your money more than you do!

clean burning outdoor fire pit

Kevin Smith 4

Below you can see the Copreci and air mixer mounted to a bracket on the end of the pit. Remember, the air mixer and Copreci have to be calibrated to the burner or it won't work! There is no magic bullet, it's pure and simple knowledge. Propane Burners  have to be dealt with great care. The glass that was installed was Ford Blue base glass.

Kevin Smith 5 outdoor propane fire pit
Kevin Smith 2 Kevin Smith 7

Done, simple but effective at creating a great outdoor atmosphere.

poolside outdoor fire pit




Propane Fire Table

Below you will see how simple it's to convert / install a propane into an ordinary outdoor table.  This is our FPPK box with controls and air mixer calibrated to the burner we are using.  Theis underneath view gives you a good idea of what it all looks like.

propane fire table Mark Koch 2

The burner on the top side with the thermo coupler, pilot light and battery operated ignitor exposed.  Pour the filler lava or fireglass, then get ready to drink some beer!  You're done!

Mark Koch 3 propane fire table with fire place glass




Another Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

The fire pit below was constructed by Andrew Jordan in Miami Florida, We build a 16" x 16" aluminum pan with a 1/2" lip on top. The propane tank was mounted below the table top. Nice and simple feature!  If you're in the area, send them a line or stop by

mosaic outdoor fire pit

Andrew Jordan 1



Propane FPPK Kit with Black Magic / Blue Flames

The burner and pan below was for our customer Scott Spector.  Below is one of our FPPK's (fire pit propane kit). With this FPPK we set it up for Black Magic! This was table tested for the pictures. Hopefully the customer will send us pictures after and during installation. We first sent these pictures for the customers approval.  The pan below belongs to  and he finally installed the fire pit in his back yard, WOW, one really nice backyard! This is one of our propane pan burner with slight modifications.

propane burner in pan black magic 2
black magic 3 black magic 5
propane pan fire pit install black magic 6
As you can see around the lower edges it was leaking and yes we did fix this. 


Christina's Propane Fire Table

The fire table below was built by Christina aka "Stina" in the San Francisco area. With a little ambition, imagination and our help, she now has one very nice fire table.  Here is where it started. She made a template of the pan and where the mounting tabs would be located. Then we built the aluminum pan and propane burner for Stina to install.

Table converted to a propane fire table STINA 2

Below is how the teak table started. We just brought it into the future.  Below the pan was installed with Galaxy Green base glass.

STINA 7 aluminum pan for fire table
STINA 9 propane fire table

Below you can see the top installed and what a difference, great job Stina!

custom outdoor patio fire table




Yard Crashers Fire Table

The Fire Table below was installed in Sacramento California by and for Yard Crashers. The finished pictures will be posted on the Yard Crashers page when this project is installed after 01 20 10. This episode was to be labeled "Outdoor Shower" on HGTV and the DIY  Network but somehow it was labeled "Modern Fire Wall" go figure? It is episode 302 on HGTV or DIY  Network. The details will be shown on the DIY page when and as soon as we receive them from the producers.

yard crashers fire table Yard Crashers Shower 5

We built a square aluminum pan with an 18" double stainless steel ring and used one of our FPPK kits for the propane fuel. This will be shown on the episode coverage as well. Here are the pictures of the back yard and the finished fire table using propane.

Yard Crashers Shower 6 yard crashers fire pit



Outdoor Propane Ribbon Burner


The fireplace below is on the water in Florida. We built a Ribbon Burner for this Propane Burner and equipped it with an Electronic Ignition. All parts that were used were #316 marine grade stainless steel.

The media that was used was a very fine crushed lava.

Mark Cotter Fireplace 2

propane outdoor fireplace

Mark Cotter Fireplace 5 propane outdoor fireplace

Mark Cotter was the contractor in Florida who is responsible for this wonderful addition!

Mark Cotter Fireplace 1



A STAR of a Fire Pit

The next fire pit below has one of our FPPK's installed. We didn't supply the star burner bur we did get it to burn correctly with a Ford Blue base glass. Then it was Topped with Clear and Blue Diamonds.  Below you can see the gas shut off on the left and our FPPKbox on the lower right.


convert wood burning firepit to propane Camille and Bill White 2
Camille and Bill White 3 Camille and Bill White 4


Camille and Bill White 7

It was a bit windy the day we took the photo, but you get the idea.


Outdoor Stacker Stone Fire Pit

This next fire pit was built by our customers Tim and Sarah, they simply built this with stacker stones and a bit of ingenuity. The used a crushed lava base  This was done with a propane valve that we supplied. They used a wood burning fire bowl for the pit. The tank was accessible from the back of the fire pit.  You can use the larger lava and then over it with the crushed lava to save some cash!  Note we do not use the 3/4" size, why? Way to large for the glass as it will fall through1

fire bowl propane burner Tim Sarah Gallagher 5

Below you'll notice that the pilot light and thermo couple are inside the ring. This is a must for safety reasons when working with propane. The Aquatic Glassel used was Black Base glass topped with Black Reflective base glass, and Light Amber Topping to create the Fleur De Lis.

Tim Sarah Gallagher 2 Tim Sarah Gallagher 3

And you're done!

outdoor propane fire bowl

A Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Steve Hinojos (S.B. County Sheriff) built two fire pits using propane. One of which was a Wine Barrel Fire Pit.  We supplied the know-how and all of the parts to make his Wine Barrel Fire Pit a success!

custom propane wine barrel fire pit Steve Hinojos 3

We also supplied Steve with all of the propane parts to make his fire table work properly.  But it wasn't until we received his photo that we noticed three were rocks in his Fire Pit!?  You can't burn ROCKS, they EXPLODE!  You can see this on our Famous "How Not To Do It" page. 

Steve Hinojos 1 Steve Hinojos 5

Initially there were no problems but once the rocks took on moisture, the problems began.  And sure enough Steve contacted us again to replace the center rocks with some safe and sound Aquatic Glassel.  All in all, great job Steve!

rocks and fire glass outdoor fire pit



Conceal Your Propane Controls with a Flip Top Box

If you are building a fire pit or fire table and did not plan for and where your controls will be located, we have a solution! We can build a Flip Top Box to conceal your controls for propane or natural gas. We can modify these is dozens of ways to fit your fire pit project.

fire pit control box Flip Top Box 8 Flip Top Box 2

This is just the Copreci Valve and Air Mixer installed in the box. We can build a box to hold the FPPK with auto start as well.

fire pit propane kit flip top box Flip Top Box 5
Flip Top Box 7 Flip Top Box 3


A Traditional Mexican Fireplace

This next fireplace was installed in Mexico by Roy Quick. It turned out amazing.

Roy Quick Propane Burner traditional mexican style fireplace with fire glass

The base glass that was used is: 1/4" Clear White, and Scarlett Toppers, accented with Gold on top of it all.

The propane pan has a removable front skirt/ cover to conceal the controls.

traditional mexican style fireplace with fire glass Roy Quick Propane Burner

Lorraine Nazzareth

Click on the picture above or "HERE" to see the before and after pictures. Corten Steel Propane Fire Table.


he next Wine Barrel Fire Pit was built be Shaun Ibe.

We supplied all of the parts, knowledge base and Shaun built one really nice Wine Barrel Fire pit! We will explain as we move forward

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit
Shaun used up all of his old corks to line the top with and then he had a piece of glass made to cover the corks. Be sure you have the top made with tempered glass! Teh glasss that was used was

1/4" Clear Base Glass

Platinum Base Glass

Gold Ruby Topper

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit

See the Wine Barrel Parts Page!

Shaun Ibe Wine Barrel Fire Pit
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John Lehman Fire Table

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