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Modernize Your Moderustic Fireplace or Fire Pit


We are now starting a page for some of our television promotions we have sponsored this season. We are the ones at Moderustic that have done the TV shows, Devine Design, ReDesign, Pie Town Productions, Trading Spaces, Moving Up, etc. It is our name on the credits not any one else has this right or credit. We work very hard to bring you the best we can. Plagiarism is lying and you should tell anyone claiming these credits. Thank you for your support. Ed

The first is:

Zen-Inspired Master Bedroom

Here are a few pictures and the rest can be seen on the link above.

hgtv 1hgtv 2Below are show times in the near future, enjoy.

Episode HRDN-208 





Zen-Inspired Master Bedroom

Charles and his girlfriend, Amy Jo, moved into their home three years ago and it's taken them until now to figure out what to do with the large, undefined space just off their living room. The couple has decided they'd like to transform it into a beautiful Zen-inspired master bedroom. They'll need designer Kenneth Brown to help them through the process since they have absolutely no idea where to start.




Here are a few pictures from the Zen Episode:

hgtv 1hgtv 2

hgtv 3hgtv 4

hgtv 5hgtv 6

hgtv 7hgtv 8

hgtv 9hgtv 10

hgtv 11hgtv 12

hgtv 14hgtv 15

The HGTV show listed above (and many others we have sponsored) has been claimed by several other individuals and we want you to know these persons are plagiarists (thieves) as we work very hard to bring you the best we can offer. It is our name on the credits which tells you the whole story.

wall paint -
hardwood floor (6" Antiqued Lumber Liquidators
fireplace insert - Aquatic
skylights (VELUX
home automation for electric skylights (X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.
home (Fujitsu 42VHA40US 42" Sound Decision
bedside tables - Out of Asia
bedside lamps - Target
accessories - Pier 1
bedspread - Statements
two chairs and small table (in front of fireplace), bed and cabinets - custom/to the trade only


Lumber Liquidators
Website: www

Website: www

home theater
Sound Decision
Phone: 818-906-9101
Website: www

decorative project materials
Out of Asia
Website: www

decorative project materials
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-655-4521

Website: www


Thank you for understanding.



Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was installed and what we used!

Palm Desert Fireplace with Sterling Silver Panels



Click HERE or on the pictures of the Ritz Carlton Vortex' at Amelia Island Florida to how these were built. See the Videos!

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island Florida Vortex

Ritz Carlton Vortex Florida from Edgar Jaunzemis on Vimeo.

Ritz Carlton Vortex Page



To see how this fireplace was transformed CLICK HERE or on the pictures below!

Mike and Megan Boling Fireplace


Mike and Megan Boling Fireplace

Creativity and IMAGINATION is how.

Mike and Megan Boling Fireplace


We will be posting several television spots as soon as we have the time. Our next televised venture is Devine Deisgn in which is being filmed on January 9 and we will be posting show times.

 The next episode to be filmed is in Beverly Hills on June 15 with Kenneth Brown (Re-Design). Here are a few before pictures of the living room and fireplace as they are now. Check back for show dates and the finished pictures.

bh 1bh 2

bh 3bh 4

bh 5bh 6

bh 7bh 8

bh 9bh 10

bh 11bh 12

We just aired again on 06 22 06 on Devine Design with Candice Olsen in an episode about Andrew's Living room #809. Devine Design home page, click here.

Check out the schedule for other show times of this episode. Or go to divine design and look for Episode #809

Divine Design
Episode HDIVD-809


Rich Urban Living Room
Andrew is a hip, young design-loving bachelor who has just moved into the house of his dreams. Up until now he was living the life of a nomadic advertising executive, bouncing from one booming metropolis to the other. He purchased a 1950s home with the ultimate view of a golf course, and this golf-addicted homeowner couldn't be happier. The house has great bones, lots of space and a few recently renovated rooms, but there is one problem. His living room with a view just happens to be painted a very unmanly shade of bubblegum pink. Andrew is longing for something a little more sophisticated and cosmopolitan as well as a space to entertain old friends and new colleagues. It's time for host Candice Olsen to get rid of the pink and add a rich, urban living room redesign that will make Andrew feel right at home.

There will be dozens more HGTV fireplaces with Re-Design, Design on a Dime, Devine Design (Andrew's Living Room) soon to be posted. We will be posting Fireplace pictures from all if not most of the TV shows we have sponsored such as Moving up, Trading Spaces and many more.

The fire pit below will be aired in early of 2008. The fire pit was filmed by Yard Crashers ( ) in Sacramento, California. A subsidiary of HGTV and Pie Town Productions. We will post air times as soon as we have them. But for now here are a few shots from the filming. Yard Crashers is a new program from HGTV who do complete makeovers in your back yard. Please contact for details on how you can get involved!

yc 1yc 2

yc 3yc 4

yc 5yc 6

yc 7

HGTV ask Kenneth Brown :

August 30, 2007

For this next installment of Ask Kenneth, I will be answering questions from the fan club members. If you want to join, it’s free - just email Linda Wiley at and submit a question. Get your questions in by the end of the week and look for answers next week.

August 30, 2007

For this installment of Ask Kenneth, I selected questions that relate to the many details of design. Often, it’s these small elements that can pull a room together and give it that “wow” factor. Everything from glass for the fireplace to fake floral arrangements. I hope you enjoy!


Q: My husband saw a room you designed somewhere (he can’t remember if it was in a magazine or TV) and you used small glass pieces in a gas fireplace instead of those regular fake logs. Can you shed light on this for me please? He rarely gets into design and I want to take advantage of this opportunity - Stephanie Harris, High Point NC

A: Stephanie, There are a few alternative inserts for gas fireplaces. One of my favorites is from a company called Moderustic. They sell special glass pieces that come in many colors. DO NOT do what a friend of mine did - he thought any small broken glass pieces could be used and after lighting the fire, glass pieces started popping and shooting into the room. Check out to see more




These are great options if you are going for a modern look. Stick to the traditional log style for a classic look.

Other companies claiming "As Seen On HGTV" ask them for their credits! We do the work and they try to steal the glory. Not very nice!





The fireplace below is a before and after and a "how to" make it low and lean. A more contemporary look. This is a self install by Rich Kamins and one very nice job!. He used a bronze and bronze reflective base glass. Topper with a bit of Starfire. Ice Ice Ice and about 2 pounds of Copper Ruby Red Topper for a splash of color.

Typical nasty fireplace before Moderustic!

rich 9

rich 1

A few bricks and some drywall

rich 2

rich 3

Some sand under the burner for filler to raise the base glass.

rich 4

rich 5

rich 6

rich 7

And here you have one nice finished fireplace.

rich 8


The fireplace below belongs to Ross Barnett in Florida. This was a ventless propane installation. Ross built a front wave design and we built a special wedge pan with the controls underneath. This is a remote control ventless burner. Great job Ross! The glass that was uses was:
and here are the before and after pictures. 
ross 12
ross 11
Above is before the wave
and below is the wave before out ventless burner was installed. 
ross 10
ross 9
ross 5
ross 8
ross 7
ross 6
ross 3
ross 2
What makes us different from anyone else is that we allow you to exercise your imagination. If you see it, dream it, draw it, imagine it we can build it for you. Ross saw what we did for other customers and he came up with this very cool design for us to build for his family room, thanks Ross!
ross 1

The next fireplace was installed by Brent Freeby of

The Video is located HERE or:

This is a first for us,not posting a picture???

This ia a Black Magic Fireplace in action! Thanks Brent! 909 989 6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730


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